AI driven Logistics & Package Delivery

About Us

Eco & Sustainability

BoxRobotix has a vision to reinvent and facilitate the exploding market of parcel delivery by harnessing evolving technologies in robotics, autonomous driving, communications, sensor technology and composite robotic builds. Powered by new and existing drivetrains BoxRobotix will optimize logistics with eco-friendly and ergonomic solutions in a mixed mode mobility environment.

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the Eco Impact and Sustainability with the BoxRobotix Technology

Company Readiness

The core competence of BoxRobotix is composed of two elements. First a patented robotized logistics solution and second an established in-house composite material build capability.

The company is Co located in Silicon Valley and the Brainport Eindhoven / Delft region in the Netherlands with strong eco system ties to standards bodies spread over Singapore, India and The Middle East

The Team

Led by a creative and experienced management group with backgrounds in technology, business, and marketing the team is supported by international advisors.  

The creative and experienced BoxRobotix management team has a history of hands-on engagement with implementations in the fields of composite electrified vehicles, autonomous driving-AI built around robotics and mechatronics technologies.