AI Driven Logistics & Package Delivery

Eco & Sustainability


Doubling delivery capacity with a significant
eco and sustainability impact

Driving the Smart Infrastructure To Optimize Package Delivery

BoxRobotix invented a robotic last mile delivery solution that installs on a customer’s commercial vehicle which doubles cargo capacity, accelerates deliveries and reduces injuries & fatigue for the drivers. BoxRobotix patented logistics solution is installed on any existing commercial truck platform and future fully/partially autonomous vehicles. Customer purchase options include: CAPX (purchase) and LaaS (Logistics as a Service).

AI & Robotics Meet Logistics


BoxRobotix  reinvents  and facilitates the exploding market of parcel delivery.

We don't perfect the truck
We reinvent the cargo bay
Vehicle Agnostic + Box AI Robotics


In the delivery vehicles used today only a maximum of 50% of the cargo space is used to carry cargo. The BoxRobotix Design enables the utilization of nearly 100% of the available cargo space, essentially doubling the cargo volume in the same size truck.

Full Automation

High Efficiency

Low Labor Cost

Scalable Design

Reduced Driver Injury


Lower Cost OpEx CapEx

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